AC Seven Presents DJ D.Project! In the Mix - 2K10

Released: 10/03/10


A collaboration with a friend of mine from years back.  Knew the guy when he first started and his mixes sounded like tennis shoes in a tumbler - galloping horses - like 5 drunk elephant falling down the stairs.  You get the idea :D  But ever since he's been constantly improving with every mix and gotten rather good.  Just shows where perseverance and practice gets you :D  So when he suggested we make a mix together I couldn't say no. 


The mix starts off with CD 1 - real Commercial Vocal Trance by me which works its way thru Anthem Trance and ends the first 60 mins with Hands Up Trance.  That's when his 2nd CD takes over and keeps going with some Hands Up - works its way thru Hard Trance and then climaxes at Hardstyle for the last 20 or so minutes.  Enjoy the mixes. Peace


CD 1 - Mixed by AC Seven


01 Mayumi Morinaga - Come On (B.U.S. Remix)
02 Pulsedriver - Superstar (Extended Mix)
03 ATB - 9 PM Reloaded (Club Version)
04 Sheldon - What Took You So Long
05 Simon Bostock - Conscience (Original Mix)
06 Ciro Visone - Mutant Force (Estigma Remix)
07 Michael Angelo feat Marcie - Choice (Steve Birch Remix)
08 Anoikis - At Night (Original)
09 Nurettin Colak - Compassion (Original Mix)
10 Jan Wayne & Scarlet - Wish You Were Here (Handz Up Club Mix)
11 Del Monte Vs. Topless - Not Fair (Raindropz Pres. Phillerz Remix)
12 Secondtunez - Summer (Topmodelz Remix)
13 Kindervater feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need Me (Club Mix)
14 Ultrabeat - Starry Eyed Girl (Manox Remix)
15 Marco Van Bassken - Wire to Wire (Extended Version)


CD 2 - Mixed by DJ D.Project!


01 Restricted Area - Alive (Club Mix)
02 Tube Tonic - Try (Alex Megane Remix)
03 Pachanga - Traicion (Raindropz Booty Mix)
04 Super Beez - You're No Good For Me (Giorno Remix)
05 Jan Wayne Presents Gorgeous X - Black Velvet (Giorno Remix)
06 Inna - Hot (The Real Booty Babes Remix)
07 Emax feat. Thais - No Puedo Mas (Minage Boyz Remix)
08 Lazard feat Muzzy G - I Wanna Grow Old With You (Original Extended Remastered)
09 DJ Yanny pres. Terraformer - Won't Forget These Days 2k10 (Keamon Remix)
10 Punkrockerz - Punkrocker 2.1 (Empyre One Remix)
11 Kesha - Tik Tok (SMP Bootleg Mix)
12 Ekowraith - Waiting For Tonight (Club Mix)
13 Dee Dee feat Ray & Snyder - I Want You Back (Commercial Club Crew Remix)
14 Azora - Tell You A Secret (Minage Boyz Remix)
15 Headhunterz - Dreamcatcher (Orignal)
16 D-block and S-Te-Fan ft. High Voltage - Shiverz (Original mix)
17 Showtek Ft Mc Dv8 - Electronic Stereo-Phonic (Original mix)
18 Unknown Analoq - I Like Your Style (DJ Tool)