AC Seven & DJ-D Project - Past Perfect

Released: 28/11/10


Another mix with DJ-D Project.  This time diving back a century ago.  When trance was simple and very effective.  Every time I listen to this mix with my headphones on I get shivers down my neck and arms at the big breakpoints.  It's just a rush.  I start off my half of the mix with what was Hard Trance 10 years ago.  The stuff which filled dance floors, rocked clubs and blew up speakers.  Then DJ-D Takes over at about 30 minutes with something a little harder and works its way thru some sinister Hard Trance and Techno from 2001-2005.  Hope you enjoy this!


01 Storm - Time To Burn
02 Spacecorn - Axel F (Club Trance Mix)
03 Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space
04 Warp Brothers Vs. Aquagen - Phatt Bass(Warp Brothers Phatt Mix)
05 Paffendorf - Be Cool (Club Mix)
06 Ratty - Sunrise (Club Mix)
07 Luna Park - Space Melody (Extended)
08 Barthezz - On The Move (DuMonde Remix)

09 Driftwood - Anything Goes (First Wave vs DJ Krid P. Remix)
10 Ultrasonic - Hysteria
11 DJ Mind-X - Down Under (Club Mix)
12 Arome - Hands Up (DJ Scot Project Remix)
13 Hoffman & Joyce - The Soul Of Cell
14 Sergeant Pepper - Charge (Rocco Remix)
15 DJ Lee - Fight Hard (Deepforces Rmx)
16 Busy & Dragan feat Fyrah - Hypnotized