The Life of AC Seven (the later stages) - Recapped 26/08/15

Another recap due I believe - just minor changes :-P.  Right,  well I wasn't always called AC Seven,  the name has actually evolved over a few years thru some really cheesy aliases to what it is now.  Back a good few years I used to go under corny aliases like Ace 007 (yes - I am hiding in shame as I write this).  Was also a part of a small project called Quad FX a while back... And in case you are wondering - I'm also The Corrector, my alias which I talk about in the third person.  He represents my dark side, the side which deals with the faster, deeper, darker and filthier side of genres like Hardcore, Drum'n'Bass and Speedcore. 

     Been mixing for over 17 years now and seen many changes in the genres of music both good and bad.  The mixes available on the site were not my first.  Mix 42 - Hard Trance  was the first proper release for the online community. There were also 41 before that as well as the unlisted ones which takes it way over 100 mixes easily.  There were also branches off it (which I found on CD while moving) called Volumes which there were 11 of.  I've given up DJ-ing live because of my university degree but still find enough time to mix a few and put them online :-)


     I do like to travel but as for the lack of funds I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to.  Love music and the different genres that arise as the industry morphs and changes.  Latest interests include Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep and the crossover genre called Drumstep :) all good fun


Did I miss anything? *shrug* if I did just talk to me via mail or whatever.  Contact details are on top.

Now go and enjoy the quality mixes that have been provided on this here website - who knows how long they will remain here :D


AC Seven